The Graduation Program in Public Management for Economic and Social Development – GPDES/UFRJ – was created in 2009 and hosted its first class in 2010. Its main aim is to form a multidisciplinary concept for Public Managers qualified for the elaboration, implementation, management and evaluation of policies, plans, programs and projects of economic and social development at different scales, be them in governmental or non-governmental agencies, i.e., in the Public Sector and in the Third Sector.

GPDES’ multidisciplinary option is substantiated by the pedagogical and epistemological concept based on Applied Social Sciences. This concept finds it natural place in the Legal and Economic Sciences Center –CCJE -, which is also a place for finding what CNPq calls Applied Social Sciences in our University.

GPDES creation by integrating teaching, research and extension, and theoretical and practical formation, expresses UFRJ’s commitment to contribute to the formation of professionals focused on the construction of republican, democratic and fair State, administration and society.

The course offers morning and night classes, lectures take place in rooms at the Architecture and Urbanism School, in the Rectory Building, at the campus – Ilha do Fundão. In total, 100 vacancies are provided on a yearly basis (50 per semester).