The aim of the Public Management for Economic and Social Development Course (GPDES) is to train Public Managers through a multidisciplinary concept; they must be able to elaborate, implement, manage, monitor and evaluate policies, plans, programs and projects of economic and social development at different scales, be them in governmental or non-governmental agencies, i.e., in the Public Sector and in the Third Sector.

The course was conceived to be attended by students for 8 (eight) semesters, based on the following basic discipline matrix structure:

  • Thirty-two (32) mandatory disciplines for Basic Formation, totaling 1,890 (one thousand eight hundred and nine) hours, or 126 (one hundred and twenty-six) credits;

  • Optional disciplines for conditional choice distributed into three Professional Formation Axes (Public Sector; Third Sector; Territorial Planning), totaling 300 (three hundred) hours, or 20 (twenty) credits;
  • Free Choice Disciplines, totaling 180 (one hundred and eighty) hours or 12 (twelve) credits;
  • Complementary Activities consisting in participation in scientific and academic events relevant for students’ formation during the course; they must be properly proven – total of 69 (sixty) hours, or 1 (one) credit;
  • College Extension Activities distributed into projects coordinated by professors or managerial technicians at UFRJ, totaling 300 (three hundred) hours;
  • Supervised Professional Internship, totaling 180 (one hundred and eighty) hours, or 4 (four) credits;
  • Course Conclusion Paper (TCC), totaling 90 (ninety) hours, or 2 (two) credits.

Thus, course integration will cover 3,000 (three thousand) hours, or 165 (one hundred and sixty-five) credits. Accordingly, in order to deserve the degree and the diploma, the student must fulfil de following requirements:

Curriculum Item Minimum Credits Minimum Hours
Mandatory Disciplines 126 1890
Conditional Choice Disciplines 20 300
Free Choice Disciplines 12 180
Supplementary Discipline Matrix Requirements 7 630
Total 165 3000
Although the discipline-availability callendar is not strict, it will follow the format presented below:

Flowchart of the Graduation Discipline Matrix of the Public Management for Economic and Social Development course (GPDES)