IPPUR Library: history, mission and vision


The Library of the Urban and Planning Research Institute of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (IPPUR/UFRJ) was launched in March 1986; initially, it counted on resources from José Bonifácio Foundation (FUJB) and from FINEP (Studies and Projects Financer). In July 1988, its inventory, which was stored in Central Library of the Technology Center, was transferred to the Institute’s new headquarter, in the Rectory Building, where it remained in up to October 2016, when there was a fire in the building.

After this fire, the Library shared room with other UFRJ units from late 2016 to early 2017. Soon, a new area for its inventory was provided in order to provide its services to users in the academic community and to external users.
By late 2017, the Library started assisting users in new facility, which was provided by the Language School. The main pieces in the inventory were taken to new facility, where they remain to the present day.

With respect to the inventory, the library was improved by purchases, exchanges and donations. Among donations from relevant inventories, it is worth emphasizing part of the collection from the extinct Library of the National Housing Banking, part of the private collection of Professor Michael David Vetter and of Engineer José de Oliveira Reis, and the private inventories of Professors Eduardo Guimarães de Carvalho and Martim Oscar Smolka.


Promoting access to and encouraging the use of information to generate knowledge and to contribute to teaching, research and extension quality in the Urban and Regional Planning Field, the Library aims at ensuring support to the multidisciplinary profile of teaching and research in this field through collections of several discipline fields: Urban and Regional Economy, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Sciences, Architecture and Urbanism, Urban History and Environment.


Being a benchmark in information management and outspread


The Library counts on more than 23 thousand titles among books, pamphlets, journals, theses and dissertations, videos, cd-roms and special series

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