The Specialization Course in Public Management was an initiative of the Urban and Regional Research and Planning Institute (IPPUR-UFRJ), in synergy with the successful experience of creating the Graduation Course in Public Management for Economic and Social Development (GPDES). We have set a partnership with the Personnel Dean (PR4/UFRJ) for the 2018 class, a fact that allowed having one class exclusive to university servants; it was done in order to contribute to our institutional development. In 2019, decision was made for opening the course for the external public, since we were encouraged by the experience with the first class and inspired by GODES protagonism; the idea was to provide theoretical tools that could contribute to the formation of high-level experts capable of performing leadership and innovation parts in management activities in several public bureaus and entities, always moored on democratic values and in favor of public interests.

Coordination and contact

Rosangela Luft


Viviane Penso

Target public

The Specialization Course in Public management is offered for free and focuses on public servants at federal, state and local level, and the general community, that overall have a college major, in any knowledge field, issued by a higher education institution (IES) accredited by the Ministry of Education (MEC).


The course will offer 25 vacancies that will be fulfilled based on the classification order of the approved applicants, according to the internal policy of IPPUR’s Affirmative Access, and save vacancies for UFRJ servants, as provisions on the notice.

Course duration and class regime

Total workload: 360 hours .

Discipline matrix

  • Three modules with three disciplines (23 h, each), on Thursdays, from 01:00 pm to 05:00 pm; and on Fridays, from 08:00 am to 12:00 am, and from 13:00 pm to 17:30 pm;

  • A fourth module focused on the discipline Research methodology and Conclusion Paper (60 h) – classes on Fridays;
  • Twelve hours of complementary activities to be carried out throughout the course, mainly attendance to the IPPUR Week (or to SINTAE, for UFRJ servants).


*PS: Some disciplines change depending on the course edition

  • Political Economy for Public Management (32 h);

  • Sociology for Public Management (32 h);
  • Organizational and Planning Theories (32 h);
  • State, Institutions and their State Relations: control, transparency and accountability (32h);
  • Public Finances and Budget Management (32 h);
  • Administrative Constitutional Law (32 h);
  • Public Bids, Contracts and Agreements (32 h);
  • Human Resources and Ethics for Public Management (32 h)
  • University management (32 h);
  • Research Methodology and Course Conclusion Paper (Theoretical-practical – 60 h)