Knowledge production

The formation of professors, researchers and high-level professionals is only possible in a dynamic knowledge production center, where, on the one hand, theoretical-conceptual and methodological investigations walk together, and on the other hand, the empirical research on the Brazilian urban and regional reality walks hand-in-hand with Public Management.

Overall, research carried out at IPPUR aims the following goals:

  1. Contributing to the construction of a critical knowledge about the Urban and Regional Planning, and Public Management fields;
  2. Contributing to the construction of the theoretical-conceptual apparatus to clarify the spatial configurations of the contemporary society, mainly of the Brazilian society;
  3. Elaborating methodologies and knowledge applicable to the Urban and Regional Planning, and Public Management fields, which must be capable of contributing to a fairer and more democratic society;
  4. Professor and students linked to research laboratories, centers and groups can expose and debate about their investigations through different media, namely:
    • IPPUR Debates and Week of the Urban and Regional Research and Planning Institute (yearly)

    • Optional Disciplines that allow close bond to research activities;

    • Seminary of Theses and Dissertations (monthly);

    • IPPUR Bulletin (biweekly);

    • External outspread of research results, what is done in national and international scientific meetings and publications, as well as in books and in other promotion means.