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The Post-Doctoral internship carried out it IPPUR consists in the academic study featured by research activity performed by individuals with PhD Degree.

The Post-Doctoral internship is developed in cooperation with a professor who integrates the Institute’s faculty (interlocutor) and who complies with the research line.

Applicants to the Post-Doctoral internship must submit their request for the evaluation of the Teaching Collegiate of the Post-Graduation Program in Urban and Regional Planning of the Urban and Regional Planning Research Institute. The documents must be handed in at the Research, Promotion and Extension Secretariat to request for their evaluation by the Teaching Collegiate in one of its ordinary meetings – the collegiate is in charge of evaluating and granting, or denying, the proposition.


IPPUR – Post-Doctorate Standards

CEPG Resolution n. 04/2018

CEPG Resolution n. 1/2021

New Post-Doctoral students and applicants:

Attention: All new Post-Doctorate students must send the post-doctoral documentation via e-mail to and;it includes:

  1. Resume, work plan and other documents and information defined in the standards (specify the content in the name of the attached file);
  2. CPF number (inside the message text);
  3. Adviser’s name and title of the work (in the message text);
  4. Date expected for the Post-Doctoral internship (beginning and end, in the message text);

PS: In case of changes in the dates or internship report sending for approval by IPPUR Deliberative Council, Post-Doctorate students must inform it by e-mail to the Research secretariat.


Post-Doctorate Conclusion: After the Post-Doc internship is over, the student must send an e-mail with the final report to confirm the end of the post-doctorate period. The final report must be approved by the adviser (it is enough to have an e-mail from the adviser informing and approving the report). Subsequently, the report will be sent to IPPUR/UFRJ Collegiate for its approval. The Conclusion Declaration will only be issued after report approval.