The Post-Graduation program keeps only one concentration field – Urban and Regional Planning -, in order to make sure of either its interdisciplinary profile or the interaction studies presenting a more analytical cut and investigations mostly focused on intervention. This concentration field is nowadays subdivided into 4 research lines, as follows:

Line 1: Planning, and Urban and Metropolitan Structuring

It is centered in investigations about the production of the built space, about large public interventions in the urban-metropolitan space, and about conflicts emerging from territorial appropriation.

Line 2: Planning, History and Culture

It is focused on the spatial organization of cities through public and governmental policies and through their territorialization, based on historical, identity and cultural aspects.

Line 3: Planning, Environment and Technology

It is centered on studies about changes in the society/nature relationship, on conflicts and on their environmental consequences on the territory, as well as on changes resulting from the communication forms and technologies.

Line 4: Planning, Territory and Regional Development

It focuses on the investigation about the production of regional space, inter-scalar dimension and conflicts emerging from territorial appropriation.